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Innovation and comfort

The dream of truly sustainable living becomes a reality in HOF36. All buildings are completely gas-free and connected to a thermal storage system that provides heating and cooling extremely efficiently.

The showers will have a heat-recovery system that uses the heat from the shower water flowing out to pre-heat the cold shower water.

The lush roof garden enables smart water management. By building in retention crates, the excess rainwater is stored for drier periods, in order to provide the trees and plants with irrigation.

In addition, maximum use is made of solar energy with circa 1,050 PV panels to be installed on the roof.

We are proud to be part of HOF36, characterized by high-quality sustainability. The apartments will of course be completed completely gas-free and equipped with solar panels, a thermal energy storage system (heat-cold storage installation) and a shower heat-recovery system. Soon you can live comfortably and sustainably in HOF36!

Bernhard van Houwelingen – De Vries en Verburg Construction

HOF36 is a building of the future and actively part of the energy transition from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. The approximately 1,050 high-quality PV panels on the roof provide clean energy in the apartments and can also be used by residents to charge e-bikes and EVs in the garage. Efficient and sustainable!

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